Hooking up PS3 to a windows media server

by newuser09876 14. September 2010 06:59

Been battling lately to configure PS3 media server on my home network. I tried this PS3 media server with no luck, i could see the folder structure on my playstation console, but just couldnt just open the media files.

With Windows Media Player 11 which is included with Microsoft Windows 7 and available as an update or download for Windows XP has the ability to perform as a media server .
Great news on that is that since Microsoft is a board member of the DLNA, the media server can function as a DLNA media server. DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is a standard that
enables digital devices such as personal computers, digital video recorders, and TVs to be connected on a network and to share data that is on other connected, DLNA-compatible devices.
DLNA-compatible devices serve two different functions.

"Servers" distribute media such as image, music, or video files, and "clients" receive and play the media. Some devices perform both functions.

Using a PS3™ system as a client, you can display images, or play music or video files that are stored on a device with DLNA Media Server functionality over a network

DLNA media servers can be connected to from a number of devices, most importantly to me right now of course is the ability for it to be connected to via your Playstation 3.

I'm running Windows 7 professional at home, all i had to do is to configure media sharing via media player by simply
opening your Microsoft Media Player 11.

Click on Library --> Media Sharing to configure your computer for DLNA media sharing.

On my LAN, i have a wireless router, and Adsl modem for internet connection.

Enabling the DLNA Media Server function of the connected device will make it's content available for shared access..Now i can browse though my music collection, watch movies and or even organize photos on playstation as long as i'm connected to my LAN, and it's that simple...

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