God of War 3

by newuser09876 1. April 2010 17:25

This month i had a few gaming options to choose from, either Demon Sauls or Battlefield 2. I've been hunting for a copy of Demon Sauls for weeks with no luck, so decided to get that one out of the picture. It's one of the most complex games I've played, and in this source of torture you will die a lot, so don't fool yourself.

So well i made up my mind finally, and decided to get myself a copy of God Of War 3. I digg this game - A combination of great graphics and amazing story line. It's one of those games that will always keep you coming back for more. In this story Kratos is back and he's pretty pissed off, he's armed with more powers on his quest to defeat Zeus. In this game, you will utilise the most of your controller, powerfull joystick key combinations. So beware in this game you might break your fingers - According to this article on gizmodo

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